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Home Wallpaper Design


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Finish: Vinyl
Size: 10m by 0.53m (A normal apartment wall can take 2 to 3 rolls)
Application: Click here to purchase your glue.

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We are currently the no.1 premium quality wallpaper suppliers in Kenya. If you’re looking for your favorite home wallpaper design, you’ve come to the right place.

Our prices range from Ksh. 685 to Ksh. 1,550 per roll, and we’ve got a number of interior wallpaper designs that you can choose from.

Our wallpapers are not self-adhesive, and this means that you’ll need glue for pasting. One packet of glue can be used to install up to 5 rolls. Click here to purchase your glue.

In case you’re wondering how to install the wallpapers, we can connect you to one of the Fundis that can install the wallpapers for you. They normally charge from Ksh. 500 per one roll of wallpaper design for installation. If you’d like to do the installation for yourself, watch this tutorial video that will help you do that.

Why us?

Having been in operation since 2013, we have distinguished ourselves as the leaders in the industry, with 2000 plus wallpaper designs to pick from and a variety of other supplementary products that are used in wall decor. Our clients have come to know us as the go-to people for affordable, durable, and washable wallpapers.

For a perfect outcome, it is imperative that a good product is paired with skillful workmanship. We have a good number of fundis that we always recommend, who handle the installations. Their expertise goes a long way in enabling us to meet our main objective;  to leave each of our clients satisfied.

Our dedicated office team is always available to assist with design selection. Once a client pays us a visit, we take the time to find out what outcome they wish to achieve using wallpapers. With that information, we then proceed to help them do it. So far, we have managed to transform every room we have worked on and given it a wow effect. The results are consistent in every project we have undertaken.

Some of our clientele include Clubs, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels and Resorts, Companies doing Corporate Boardrooms, Offices and Receptions, Barbershops, Salons and Spas, Schools, Churches, and Hostels just to name a few.


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